Roof Saver

Wash it. Seal it. Forget it!


Roof Doctor's proprietary soft wash systems guarantee a clean roof every time.  Our wash system gently removes years of algae growth without harming the roofing system or surrounding vegetation.  Our motto is no chemicals left behind.

Roof Doctor can customize the type of cleaners used to suit your residential and commercial needs.  No need to worry about bleach discoloring color sensitive materials or killing grass and plants.  Large commercial projects with many decks or patios may contain color sensitive furniture and decorations that can be damaged by harmful chemicals.  Roof Doctor has developed a soft wash system that eliminates the use of color removing chemicals.


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Roof Doctor's proprietary system utilizes an acrylic sealant that is applied after the roof has been washed.  The patented acrylic formulation attaches the decorative granulars to the asphalt mat, reducing granular loss, and extending the life of the shingle significantly.  At last count, the acrylic sealant has been applied to over 60,000 square since it's introduction in 1999.  The acrylic allows the shingle to remain pliable, will not crack or yellow, and the acrylic does not decompose from Ultraviolet Radiation.

Roof Doctor guarantees your roof to remain free of ugly black streaks caused by gloeocapsa magma and guarantees that granular loss will be greatly reduced if not eliminated in some situations (details of warranty available upon request).

All of our salespersons carry live samples of asphalt roof shingles that have sustained a 50% granular loss (a category that would normally be replaced with new shingles).  Once you are able to see and feel the shingle with your own hands you will be sold.  It is truly an amazing transformation.  Old faded shingles become alive and vibrant.  It is similar to what happens when you add a urethane or lacquer to a stained piece of wood, in that the shingle color deepens.

Cleaning your roof

Forget it!

There are actually a couple of options in the "Forget It" category.  Not all clients will need the sealant if their roof system is in good condition.  The best for your pocket book option would be to simply wash the roof and then apply a preventative to keep the algae at bay.

An average home can be cleaned, and preventive applied, for around $800.00, whereas the washing and sealing process usually exceeds several thousand dollars.

When you consider the cost of an average roof is $10,000.00, washing and applying a sealant is much cheaper, and can give you very good results for one-third the costs.  Roof Doctor has many options to fit your individual needs.